24 June, 2009

Toe candy

Here's a bonus chunky post for the week.

I've been looking at toe rings recently, with summertime officially here. Maybe it's because other people's feet weird me out - just a little - but can I just say that there are some seriously heinous feet out there. Acryllic nails, never a good idea on toes.

A. Toe ring made with glass seed beads and Swarovski crystals in many colors, $9 at Darla's Parlor on Etsy.

I stumbled onto stretch rings at Toe Brights and like the quality at Footcandy (one word: platinum). I think the sterling silver blue enamel daisy at Eve's Addiction would look so cute with my hot pink toes, and I am digging the double ladybug and bamboo rings from Best Foot Jewelry. And Etsy too - I absolutely love the flower rings at Darla's Parlor.

For the first time in my life, I'm seriously contemplating a tatoo - I think a toe band would be pretty cool. But who am I kidding? I'd never in a million years permanently ink myself.

Of course, I'll need a new pedicure to properly complete the effect, whether it's a toe ring or tattoo, and probably some new shoes that allow an alluring peek at both the ring and the nails. ;)

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