09 April, 2009

About 'Chunk Light'

No, I'm really not an avid consumer of canned tuna, as one might otherwise surmise from the title of this blog. In fact, I actually do not like it very much at all, but more on that another time. I only mention this fact now in order to emphasize that this is most definitely not a blog devoted to tuna or any other fish, though some of my posts might be fishy (*wink), as the nature of my work in a previous job dealt with sustainable seafood.

But I want to talk chunky for a minute.

I chose "chunk light" for the somewhat oxymoronic connotation of the phrase. Can something truly be chunky and light at the same time? All the chunky things I adore in life - witness for example exhibits A and B - are not exactly what I would describe as "light". Chunky jewelry, shoes, ice cream, and soup (not to be confused with THE Chunky soup), though perhaps there is a chunk-style soup that really is "lite".

A. Little number by Rebecca Norman for $195 I am currently drooling over at Max & Chloe.

B. Vallis sandals by Nine West, $88.95 over at zappos.com.

And "light" which has two significant meanings relevant to this blog. The first is brightness - hopefully this becomes a place for a daily weekly dose of sunshine. Again, please take stock of exhibits A and B. The second is illumination, in the sense of understanding. Of course, light also means the opposite of both heavy and serious, both of which also aptly describe me/my outlook on life.

So roll that all up together and you have CHUNK light. Got it? Good. Now in the words of Slater (Rory Cochrane): Check ya later, chunksters!

UPDATE 7/15/2009: I seem to have found a comfortable rhythm posting one to two times weekly, not "daily" as I originally wrote. Something "chunky" and something "light"...

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