24 April, 2009

8 is enough... for now

This past week, just in time for Earth Day, we learned Angelina is NOT pregnant. Whew! That is a relief on so many different fronts.  

I mean that, and I don't normally follow celeb gossip pages (except when I'm in the check-out line).

It's good news from the perspective of Earth's carrying capacity - the existing 9 billion+ people already contribute to/exacerbate many of our planet's environmental problems and strain its natural resources. 

And Brangelina have done enough for our world and its citizens, as evidenced by their philanthropy and 5 adoptions. 

On a personal note, I was very relieved (for Angelina) to learn this rumor is false. I try very hard not to judge others, especially celebrities who live under a microscope. But the twins are still babies. I can tell you as a mother of two under the age of 5, the thought of being pregnant again so soon after having had twins is not the least bit appealing on any level - physical, mental, emotional or any other. 

Surely 8 is enough? Unless, of course, you're her.

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