10 June, 2009

Sharing the love

I [heart] my iPhone. This week, Apple released its spiffiest version, the 3Gs. So instead of posting some totally chunky shoes, I thought I would mark the occasion by sharing the next best thing, if that is indeed at all possible.

Chunky App List
(or, Get Thee to the Apple Store!)

iBags - Brand spanking new to the iStore, 20,000+ handbags, clutches, hobos and more! You can sort by style or label (Marc Jacobs, Coach etc.). Click on a bag to view its picture and details, where to buy, and the app will even alert you when it goes on sale. The images are sharp, and the features are way cool. And - are you ready for this? - there is also iShoes from the same maker.

A. The language of love IS universal. Can you say kid in a [bag and shoe] candy store?

FarmFresh NYC - If I lived in the Big Apple, I'd surely be biting at this app. Good news is that there seem to be San Francisco, LA, Chicago and New Orleans versions in the pipeline. As the maker's description says, this app takes the guesswork out of eating local and in-season produce and seafood. (For more info on sustainable seafood options, check out the app from the folks at Seafood Watch.)

Bloom - This is a generative music app developed by ambient music pioneer Brian Eno. Touch the screen to create your own soothing melodies and patterns, then listen and "watch" your music. As the description says, it's part instrument, composition and artwork all in one.

More Cowbell - Sorry, but for $0.99 this is a bargain I can't resist. "Useless... and a stroke of genius" says the UK's Pocket Picks; "Finally an app that can compete with the light-saber. My wife hates my new iphone" says a reviewer. Yes, this app is exactly what you think it is, cowbell a la Will Ferrell's classic SNL sketch ripping on the Blue Oyster Cult's Don't Fear the Reaper.

What are your favorite apps?

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