17 June, 2009

I wanted to give you yellow, but instead it's Barbie

This is going to turn out to be a Barbie-inspired post, but that was not my original intent because Royal Ascot, which opened yesterday, was and is the inspiration today.

I might have skipped over Ascot altogether and instead given you this news from the Barbie Fashion Show 2009, in part because the Christian Louboutin hot pink shoes go so well with the lips in this month's grab bag. Except that I love gawking at all the silly hats, so chances of me not paying attention to Ascot's opening day are slim (Thursday is Ladies' Day, when all the truly wacky ones are on display). Then low and behold I noticed two other very cute CL — one red and one nude/pink — in coverage from Ascot's opening day. And, in addition to the latter of the two (well, the whole ensemble really) reminding me of Barbie...

A. Totally sexy Christian Louboutin 4'' satin platform peeptoe on sale at Footcandy

... this generally got me thinking about hats, which I don't wear. Call it curiosity or rubber necking, but I am fascinated with these hats. I loved Isabella Kristensen's gorgeous purple and green swirl last year and her berry one yesterday is growing on me. It's, um, fresh.

B + C. What do they do with these hats post-Ascot? (photos: Natalya's Blog and Oli Scarff for the Telegraph)

I don't do hats because I can't tolerate something on my head; I have been known to occasionally don a scarf or bandana. I didn't even wear a veil at my wedding. However, I can imagine — in an alternate hat-wearing universe — opting for this cloche from Hatagories in the spirit of the peeptoe pumps above.

I also noted the Queen was dressed in yellow, a color I have been noting of late. (Apparently, you'd have netted 4-1 odds if you had bet on the Queen wearing this smashing color.) I think it's the "it" color of the moment, more to come on this next post...

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