23 June, 2009

Not your mother's mellow yellow

Yellow. It's a pretty happy color but also one that can be easily overdone. I think that yellow can be elegant and enduring (see exhibits A-F below) despite its current hotness. This is the post I wanted to give you last week.

From the flowers outside my office window to the glossy fashion mags, I'm seeing various shades of yellow everywhere these days. Back in December 2008, Pantone named "mimosa" (an orangey yellow) its color for 2009, and it is indeed one of the color trends for the current season.

I love yellow, a darn-impossible-not-to-feel-happy kind of color, or hungry which is why a many restaurants opt for this primary color on the walls. Oh, I've had a bold yellow kitchen but in terms of attire, I admit to shying away from it for the most part. Kate Hudson's knock-out dress in How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days made me blink twice, however; til then, I hadn't really given my wardrobe much thought. Now? I love the way a bold yellow top goes with white or a rich/denim blue bottom.

Here are some other ways you can incorporate yellow in your life:

A. Accessorize your indoor/outdoor decor or boldly paint a wall/room (above, Valspar Martha Stewart paint; here, inspiration from Apartment Therapy). For more ideas, check out Elements of Style.

B. Affordable glass and melamine tableware options from Crate and Barrel.

C. Or adorn your fingers, neck and ear lobes (Murano glass ring from Santellial).

D. Yellow almost always makes me think of Van Gogh. Sunflowers, anyone?

E. Shoes, because you know I wouldn't let you down! (Zappos, clockwise from top: Sofft Felicity, Naughty Monkey the Hype, and Santana Pounce)

F. Ed Hardy G'Gte silk scarf. Cute tops on sale at Bluefly and Overstock.

Anyway, you get the idea. This ought to be enough to get you started.

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