21 July, 2009

Space baubles

Because you know I can't let another week go by without some chunkiness...

I am liking Stephanie Carbone's designs "inspired by sky and sea" over at SpaceMermaid. Not sure I've been completely converted from my disdain of brass-plated jewelry, but at these prices I can afford to give it a try. I mean, have you seen the sea horses - how cute are those?!

A. This design is sold out. Damn!

B. Bubble Pearl necklace, 18/24/30 inches, $65 at SpaceMermaid.

More space-inspired items with which to adorn yourselves or the loved ones in your life:

C. These might be the cutest aliens ever depicted. Orbit Girl sterling silver charm earrings, $32 by marmar on Etsy.

D. A little love for the guys. The T3 (you can choose a polished or matte finish), $779 at Jeweler's Touch. The tension setting is ultra cool, and I think titanium is a pretty bad ass element.

You want the real deal? NASA has meteorite jewelry in its online store.

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