24 July, 2009

The news about Sarah Palin is like the Energizer bunny, it just keeps going and going...

News media outlets such as CNN are covering a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll on Americans' attitudes about Palin and her perhaps future presidential bid. The relevant bit here:

Fifty-three percent of those questioned in the poll view Palin negatively, with four in 10 holding a positive view of her. The survey is the second this week, following a Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll released Thursday, to find more than half of all Americans viewing Palin in an unfavorable light.

The ABC News/Washington Post survey suggests that there is doubt about Palin's leadership skills and her understanding of intricate issues. Fifty-seven percent say they don't think Palin understands complex issues, and 54 percent do not feel she is a strong leader.

I'm just curious, wtf is up with the more than 40% of the American public that views her positively, thinks she understands complex issues, and/or is a strong leader?

Just in case we've forgotten:

Exhibit A. Strong leadership

Exhibit B. Grasps complex issues

And my favorite:

Exhibit C. Ah, proof of the vast left-wing, liberal media conspiracy.

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